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Title: Validación de parámetros para la fabricación de productos derivados del bambú, especie guadua angustifolia kunth, como elementos estructurales mediante la aplicación de diseño de experimentos
Authors: Morales Luna, Cristina Alexandra
Echeverría, Víctor Guadalupe
Keywords: VALIDAR
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2011
Abstract: In the manufacture of bamboo products, are unknown values of design factors, necessary for obtaining a structural element with favorable mechanical strength characteristics. The manufacturing process is defined, however the lack of control in the implementation of its factors, causes variability in the results of resistance. The purpose of this study is to validate the factors in the manufacturing process, referring to studies of similar products that enhance and strengthen the current process. Supported by experimentation, is chosen by the application of Design of Experiments through Taguchi philosophy, which proposes a robust design that combines the factors of production to make products and processes robust against the possible causes of variability. It starts with the diagnosis of current manufacturing process of products, which presents the shear strength values obtained in mechanical tests exploratory, they are reference values for analysis and comparison of results. Knowing the target variable (response), defines the factors influencing on it, and their levels or tolerances, it defines the design to meet at (the) experiment (s). We analyze the effect generated by each of the combinations of factors proposed in the experiment. According to the analysis, it was finally validated the factors in selecting the best combination of these, and compare their results with the resistance values obtained in previous studies.
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